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Stolen property leads to random act of kindness in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A holiday theft from one person leads to random acts of kindness from others.

In October, right before Halloween, a blow-up spider was stolen from the lawn of a Myrtle Beach home, causing the family to put up a sign in hopes it would return.

"It's the first Halloween we didn't have a big decoration on the corner,” homeowner Tony Henson said.

A fear for Henson was the fact that it was stolen right off their property in the middle of the night.

"We didn't mean for it to get blown up this big, but we wanted the neighborhood to know what happened to the spider and the circumstances,” he said.

Especially since a holiday grinch returns often. Henson said decorations have been stolen from their property before.

It’s not the first time WMBF News reported holiday decorations being stolen. Some homeowners in the past managed to catch the thieves in action. However, it is the first time the story takes this unique turn.

The Henson family received a brand new blow-up spider to their door, with an anonymous letter which reads:

“Dear residents of the brick house, I was very dismayed to learn that your giant spider had been stolen, an utterly mean, unfitting and uncivilized act. I’ve always enjoyed your holidays and seasonal displays, they make me smile as I’m sure they have done for many others. Your diligence and joy have always been appreciated. To that end please accept this new giant spider as a token of thanks for what you do, presented in the hope that one act of vandalism doesn’t get you down. I would like to help you strike a blow for joy for innocence and for childhood, enjoy it and please keep your displays going in the future. Yours very truly, anonymous.”

One letter, one gift, one act of kindness is a symbol of everything the holidays stand for.

"Makes you really feel appreciated for what you do, because we do it for the community, we do it for the kids mainly, it just makes you feel great,” Henson said. “I wish we had a way to really thank everybody." 

Henson said this was one of several spiders dropped off by community members thanking him and his wife for their display, and hoping they keep the holiday spirit alive. 

You can learn from their story, and keep criminals at bay with some tips from the Myrtle Beach Police Department. Police recommend you secure decorations as best as possible. Make sure the area which decorations are displayed are well lit so that anyone that may tamper with them would be easily visible to neighbors and passerbys.

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