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Darlington mayor candidate shares thoughts on tie

Darlington mayoral race a tie; provisional votes could change

DARLINGTON, SC (WMBF) - The City of Darlington is still without a mayor. After a runoff election Tuesday, Jim Stone and Gloria Hines both ended up with 814 votes. The city didn't have a majority vote, so there was a runoff election between the candidates.

Hoyt Campbell, the Elections and Registration Director, says the goal is to have the mandatory recount done by Thursday afternoon, so the City of Darlington knows who their mayor will be.

Campbell says it will come down to the 20 provisional votes the board will count, which will hopefully break the tie. If that vote is tied again, there will be a re-election. Campbell says he hasn't seen a tie or a re-election for a mayoral seat in more than 20 years. “I’ve seen elections where they are very close and a few votes would matter if people went in and voted, but this is a prime example that a person’s vote does matter," said Campbell.

Hines did not want to share any comments until the winner is announced. Stone shared his thoughts on the tie. He said, “It was two candidates and everybody had their choice. It sounded like half the people in town liked one and half the people liked the other one, but it’s the people that didn’t come out to vote that really need to come out and vote if there’s another election.”

Stone says, “If it ends up in another tie, I don’t know my heart will be beating so hard, but we are in it to win it we’ll have to go through it again.”

Both candidates have served on either the city or the county council for Darlington.

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