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Majority of witnesses testify for defense in Sims murder trial

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - On the defense’s first full day of testimony, attorney Morgan Martin called a slew of different witnesses to the stand.

First, the same 911 dispatcher who testified a week ago. Wednesday, she told jurors about a 911 call to the Sims home for an argument that happened a year before the shooting.

“At 9:09:24 p.m., she advised he had been physical with her,” the dispatcher told jurors.

Martin told jurors there is no audio recording, so the notes are all that’s available from that night.

In cross-examination, Prosecutor Nancy Livesay asked about several things she saw in the same notes.  

“So, she told the dispatcher that he has a bloody lip,” asked Livesay.

“That’s what the notes indicate, yes,” answered the dispatcher.

“Okay, and that he has called her daddy,” replied Livesay.

“That he’s on the way,” answered the dispatcher.

The dispatcher also told jurors Heather called back and asked to cancel the call.

Later on, DNA analysis expert Adrienne Hefney, told jurors what she found on several different pieces of evidence from that night.

The SLED agent told jurors she found Heather’s blood DNA on the blade of the knife used to stab her, along with the handle of the gun she used to shoot David.

She found David’s touch DNA on the knife blade, and one side of the handle.

Livesay questioned how there was no blood on the other side, if David reached for his wound.

“Is there any blood, Ms. Hefney, on this side of the handle of the knife?” Livesay asked.

“On the non-label side of the handle, no,” answered the witness.

Morgan Martin argued the witness could only talk about what she tested… not what happened that night.

He says at the end of the day, it was still David’s DNA on the handle.

Two first responders also took the stand, talking about Heather’s emotions from that day and how she urged all EMTs to help to her husband.

Prosecutor Livesay pointed out Sims is a nurse anesthetist and was actually more qualified to help than the EMTs.  

Later on in the night, forensic pathologist Kimberly Collins testified as an expert witness. She refuted a previous expert witness’s testimony, saying Heather Sims’ injuries were self-defense, not self-inflicted.

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