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City of Myrtle Beach wants more diverse staff

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Diversity in the workforce can refer to a lot of things - including race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. The City of Myrtle Beach feels those different groups aren't properly represented in the city's staff.

This story is already getting a lot of attention on our Facebook page. Some people commented the city will just fire the current staff and hire people "more diverse." That’s not how this will work. City Spokesperson Mark Kruea said this won’t happen overnight; it’s a long-term process.

“Diversity, variety if you will, is a good thing,” said Kruea. “We would like to reflect the community we serve a little more than we may at this point.”

He said in some parts of the city, the staff properly represents the people being served, but in some communities they can do a better job at attracting a more diverse applicant pool, which will give them a more diverse selection of people to choose from.

“I don’t know if it’s a new thing; it’s something we’re concentrating on. Something that we would like the public to know that we’re reaching out to increase the applicant pool so we can, as a staff, look more like the community we serve.”

Kruea says the city wants to have a more diverse police force, for example. The first step to making that happen is recruiting a more diverse applicant field. That field will create the opportunity to make more diverse choices. Kruea says creating a diverse city staff isn't a new thing, and it hasn't necessarily stemmed from the recent gender and racial issues across the country.

“That’s not our motivator in this particular instance, but you can’t help but to be aware of that. We look both internally at our staff and externally at the community we serve and we see opportunity to make our staff a little more diverse. To provide a little more variety among our full-time people.”

The next step is recruiting more diverse people that way they will have a choice of more diversity in the hiring process.

According to Kruea, the city is currently hiring from a pool based on a certain general racial makeup. The goal is to expand this applicant pool’s diversity so they will have a choice from a broader selection of applicants.

Kruea said this goes for recruiting efforts and they want to reach out to find the best people who want to serve the City of Myrtle Beach. He also said they need to broaden the field a little so the makeup of the city staff better reflects the makeup of the community we serve.

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