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State wraps up case with testimony from Heather Sims’ friend

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - The state has rested its case in the Heather Sims murder trial. Now the defense will have its chance to maintain Sims’ innocence in killing her husband. 

Prosecutors in the case against Heather Sims started Tuesday afternoon off with a surprising witness.

Sims’ friend, Allison Brown, took the stand to share conversations she had with Sims before and after the 2013 shooting.

She says she supported Sims in previous hearings, but reconsidered after hearing her story in court.

“Is what she told up here the same as she told you?” asked prosecutor Nancy Livesay.

“Not the same,” answered Brown.

Brown says she talked with Sims several times after the incident, including once in the bathroom where it happened.

“She pretty much walked through the exact same thing as Monday, but showed me where they were standing at,” Brown told jurors.

Brown says Sims told her David wrapped his arms around her and bit her finger to get ahold of her phone.

She says Heather said she then noticed she was wounded by something and grabbed the gun from a nearby drawer, before shooting him.

Sims told police in an interview that August 2013 night that David stabbed her with a knife.

Brown then asked if Sims had ever shot a gun before.

“She said, I knew how to shoot a gun, we had taken a concealed weapon class, and they taught me that you don’t shoot to wound, when you shoot a gun, you shoot to kill,” Brown said.

In cross-examination, defense attorney Morgan Martin asked if Brown ever recorded any of the conversations or if this was all from memory.

He also pointed out the heart of Sims’ story never changed.

“She never indicated to you that there is any other reason in the world that she shot David other than self-defense, was there?” Martin asked Brown.

“She didn’t tell me anything else,” Brown answered.

In her testimony, Brown also mentioned a time with Sims a few weeks after the shooting.

She says Heather got a phone call, saying the police were coming for David’s phone. The witness says she told the person on the other line how to delete the text messages.

Martin never cross-examined that claim.

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