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Bob Kelly wins Horry County District 3 Republican Primary runoff election

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Bob Kelly has won the runoff Republican Primary election for the District 3 seat of the Horry County Council, according to unofficial election results from the Horry County Government website.

The results show Kelly received 67.54 percent of the vote (310 votes), and Oliver "Bubba" Owens received 32.46 percent of the vote (149 votes).

"The voters came out and they made a very strong statement and I'm proud they came out and voted the way that they did," Bob Kelly said.

Kelly believes Tuesday's vote is proof every vote does matter, especially considering all of the robocalls, negative campaign mail and social media posts about the campaigns running.

"They made a clear choice, they made a strong choice and they said enough is enough, we're not going to play with this dirty politics," Kelly explained.

Kelly hopes the "mudslinging", as he refers to it, is in the past and says it's all about looking forward, and uniting the Republican Party from here.

"The republican GOP is going to have to unite and get behind me, and we're going to have to fight this tooth and nail until the end," Kelly explained.

Kelly says he is still running on the same platform, highlighting public safety, and growing infrastructure in the county.

"Even harder now, we've gone through all the battles, now we go up against Jimmy Washington," Kelly stated.

Kelly understands the district three seat has been a Democratic one for years and is looking forward to a fair and respectful debate with Democrat Jimmy Washington.

"They'll realize that I stand for what they want, and I know what they want,  and I'm going to work on what they want.  That's going to be clear," Kelly explained.

Kelly will be on the ballot with Democrat Jimmy Washington on December 22nd.

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