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South Carolina ranked 9th leader in deer collisions

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Deer migration and mating season increases the chances of being in a deer-vehicle, according to South Carolina Insurance news. Accidents caused from deer are rising and drivers are urged to drive with caution. More deer tend to move just before and after sunrise from sunset to midnight. 

Using claims and data from the leading auto insurer State Farm estimated that South Carolina drivers are the 9th most likely to be involved in a deer collision. State Farm Spokesman Justin Tomczak said, South Carolina has a lot of deer and a lot of drivers. These types of auto accidents are on the rise.

Auto accidents involving deer are covered under a portion of an automobile policy and won't be covered if you have a liability only policy. According to The Insurance Information Institute, they estimate the average cost per insurance claim relating to deer collisions is about $3000 with varying costs depending on damage severity. 

The South Carolina Insurance News Service suggests follow these precautions while driving: 

• Drive with caution in posted areas and in areas known to have a large deer population - especially in the early morning and evening hours. 

• Heed deer crossing signs, lower your speed, always buckle up and stay awake, alert and sober.

• If you see one deer, look for others, as they often move in groups.

• Use high-beam lights when possible to reflect the eyes of the deer, and blow your horn to frighten the deer away.

• If a collision seems unavoidable, brake firmly and stay in your lane. If you swerve to avoid the deer, you could lose control of your car or end up in the path of another vehicle.

• Call the police immediately to report the incident, and contact your insurance agent or company as quickly as possible to report any damage to your car. 

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