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Prosecution calls third expert witness in Heather Sims murder trial

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - As the prosecution called its last few witnesses to the stand, jurors heard more details and opinions of what may have happened the night Heather Sims says her husband lunged at her with a knife.

The first to take the stand was bloodstain pattern expert Paulette Sutton.

Prosecutor Nancy Livesay went through crime scene photos with her, and asked for her expert opinion.

Sutton told jurors there was no visible blood on the knife handle found in David Sims’ hand, but blood was covering his palm.

She says knife or no knife, that blood is most likely from grabbing his wound after being shot.

“If you put your hand down against a bloody surface, you would have to transfer blood to your fingers,” Sutton explained to jurors while on the stand.

The witness also says blood spatter shows the victim fell to his knees at some point, but somehow wound up on his back.

One point of contention between attorneys was an apparent wiping pattern found in some blood spots.

Defense Attorney Morgan Martin fired back, telling jurors this is only an opinion.

He also pointed out Sims could have been alive for several minutes, following the gunshot.

Later on, after much argument, the prosecution later called Lori Dudley with Horry County police to the stand.

The evidence supervisor aided the investigation by going through Heather and David’s phone data.

Jurors were sent home soon after so the attorneys could work out a disagreement over potential evidence. Both stayed in the courtroom for several hours, and the judge indicated he will allow the evidence.

The trial continues Tuesday morning with more from the prosecution. Cell phone records will likely be part of the testimony.

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