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Flood victims still trying to keep heads above water

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - For many people, the flood is just a memory, but for some, it's still very much a reality, especially the people who live in the Savannah Bluff area.

A month and a half since the flood hit, and the community is still living the nightmare.

Helen Cook is a flood victim whose family home was hit hard. It's hard for Cook to look around her home and see the walls, the carpet and the furniture covered in mold.

“It's a total loss,” Cook said. “Everything.”

Losing the home is losing decades of family memories, because the home was a gift from her late father.

One of the harshest realities for flood victims is rebuilding parts of their lives which stood for years.

“It's very devastating, it's a long term effect,” Rick Perry, Owner of Rick's Bait & Tackle said.

When the flood hit, Perry had to close his shop early to get home before dark.

“That’s my source of income, so it did hurt financially,” he said.

Both the flood water, and the financial impact, is still lingering.

“Okay the flood's gone, everybody says, but the water is still there, and we’re still having to make up for lost revenue,” Perry said.

At the same time, he’s still having to pay to clean up the mess at home. Perry said, since he lives on a county road, he’s had to do a lot of clean up, on his own.

“We had so much debris in furniture, appliances and that nature, that we ended up having to rent a construction dumpster and then get it picked up and dumped several times,” he said.

The way he gets through it is patience and the help of the community.

“It's just gonna be a piece by piece, day by day ordeal to try and get it back to where it once was,” Perry said.

In talking to the people who live in the Savannah Bluff community, the major takeaway is that there are many people here still trying to keep their heads above water and need help.

Governor Nikki Haley announced Monday a fundraising effort that will help South Carolinians who are recovering from the flood continue to re-build. The nonprofit is called One SC, and it's run by big names like Governor Haley, country star Darius Rucker and Steven Colbert.

To donate, visit https://www.yourfoundation.org/community-impact/one-sc-fund-sc-flood-relief

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