Movies being filmed in Conway bring boost to town

Movies being filmed in Conway bring boost to town

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - It's all quiet on the set here inside the Theater of the Republic in Conway. But the town has been buzzing ever since Hollywood came to town.

The movie being shot is called "All Hallows Eve" and is a made for TV movie that should be out next year.

It's just one of the three films that have been shot in Conway in recent months, and Elizabeth Snoderly, a head producer on the picture, says Conway City Council has been very helpful with moving the process along.

She said she hopes to showcase the beauty of Conway, and the local businesses in the area say the impact has been very positive.

Several scenes from the movie have been shot at locations all over the town of Conway. One scene was filmed across the street from the theater at Crady's, a local restaurant.

Staff who got to take part in the scene say it was a different kind of experience. "They brought us right in and sat us right down in our spots. They had a plan and we were a part of it so it was just neat to see." said Crady's waitress Maggie Smith.

"Their job is really intense and I don't think I would want to do it. There's a lot of waiting, there's a lot of waiting. And then it's like take one....take two....take twenty five, and I'm just like 'Ahhhh, I'm so tired.'" said another waitress, Brenda Weitzel.

The film also needs extras. Those who are interested are asked to email The producers of the film say they are looking for young "college looking" adults to film a party scene.

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