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Heather Sims cross-examined during 3rd day of trial

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - On the third day of the state’s case against Heather Sims, jurors got to hear what happened that August 2013 night, straight from the shooter.

“I said, David, stop it, you’re scaring me. I said, please just get away from me,” you can hear Sims say in a recording.

Prosecutor Nancy Livesay introduced the audio recording of Sims’ interview with police from the hospital, just an hour and a half after shooting her husband.

In it, Sims says the couple was arguing about marriage counseling, when David came at her with either a knife or needle nose plyers.

“He went like this, like that, and I didn’t even know if he got me or not, but I saw him coming towards me and I just shot,” Sims said in the 2013 interview.

In the more than hour long conversation, Sims answered questions about small details, sometimes saying the event was just a blur.

At one point, a detective said something wasn’t adding up, and asked a series of questions about the knife found in her husband’s hand.

“Is it possible that you removed the knife due to some blood, is it possible you moved it and put it up on his hand or stomach,  just to get it out of the way and do cpr, is that possible?” asked the detective in the recording.

“It’s very possible,” answered Sims.

Defense Attorney Morgan Martin fired back in cross-examination.

“She never changed her story about the fundamentals of what happened,” he said while questioning one of the detectives from the case.

He raised concerns with the detective’s interview, saying questions were too complex or confusing.

He also backed up his client’s trouble remembering small details.

“It all happened so fast, it’s hard to recall?” asked Martin.

“I do remember her saying that, yes,” replied Horry County Police Corporal Brandon Lee.

“Does that sound reasonable to you?” asked Martin.

“I would say it sounds reasonable,” answered Lee.

Martin went on to point out his client did the interview voluntarily, and never asked for a lawyer.

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