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Expert offers money-saving tips for holiday flight plans

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Airport representatives say that Thanksgiving flights are quickly booking up out of the Myrtle Beach International Airport.

Kirk Lovell, with the Horry County Department of Airports, says that typically during the holidays it’s 50-50 people flying in compared to people flying out of Myrtle Beach. During the busy summer season, he says the airport boasts much higher traffic with more people flying in than out. According to the airport’s website, more than 85,000 people flew out of MYR during November and December 2014. Compare that to the busy summer season, when around 100,000 people are flying into and out of the airport each month.

Last year, MYR was ranked as one of the most affordable airports. If you are looking to buy a last-minute flight for the holidays, Lovell recommends double checking all your options. So check in between all airlines and check different airports as well.

As of Wednesday evening, a round-trip flight from MYR to New York City was $605 with Delta. But out of Charleston, the flight was $376.You do need to factor in the cost of driving to a different city and parking. And flights, no matter from what airport, are typically cheaper the later in the evening that you fly. Lovell also suggests signing up for price alerts through an airline’s email or app.

To cut down on costs, many flyers are cutting down on luggage. The more bags you carry on or check, the more you pay. Lovell says he is seeing more and more travelers learn how to pack more efficiently.

“I think people are becoming better packers,” says Lovell. “You know, I think there’s a lot of really good YouTube videos out there that show you how to pack. So you can get more stuff to fit in that bag. But you still have to watch for the weight limits.”

And one final word of wisdom from Lovell, do not fly with wrapped presents. TSA will have to unwrap any gifts in your carry-on or checked bags. So just plan on buying wrapping paper at your final destination.

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