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Opening statements wrap up, Sims trial underway

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – The murder trial is now underway for the Conway woman charged with shooting and killing her husband during a fight at their home in 2013.

Lawyers got their first chance to argue why Heather Sims should or shouldn’t be charged with murder on Tuesday.

Before the jury was even sworn in, the judge talked about how emotional this case will most likely be.

He told friends and family members of both sides to hold in that emotion, or they’ll have to leave the courtroom.

Once that was made clear, the attorneys made their opening statements.

With the first chance to speak, prosecutor Nancy Livesay jumped right in to the toughest thing she’ll have to prove in the case of Heather Sims.  

“The question in this case is, is this a justified killing, or is this a murder?” she asked the jury.

Livesay told jurors, when it come to this case, the devil is in the details.

She brought up many different things that will be contested over the next few weeks, like the 911 call Heather made after shooting her husband David, and her claim she was stabbed.

“You’re going to hear her a gasp, he got me too! He got me too! Did you hear that? He got me,” Livesay said to the jury.

In her nearly 40-minute argument, Livesay even got in to the marital problems Heather and David were having at the time.

“You’re going to find out, that divorce was not an option for this woman,” Livesay said.

Next up, defense attorney Morgan Martin brought the jury face to face with the woman they could convict.

“This is Heather Sims,” he said as he called Sims up to the jury box. “You’re going to hear a little bit about her, you’re going to hear a lot more about her over the next few days.”

Martin called the prosecution’s case a “fairy tale” and made a bold statement with the charge that brought Heather to court.

“This indictment, the judge is right, this is what it’s worth,” He said as he ripped up the piece of paper.

Martin went on to tell jurors Heather’s side of the story, saying the prosecution is only speculating at this point.

He even warned jurors about the potential length of this process, saying if you’re in a hurry, you’re in the wrong place.

Once opening statements were finished, the prosecution started testimony with the 911 operator on the day of the shooting.

Both sides will focus on that call, along with the victim’s life insurance policy throughout the trial.

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