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Horry County receives mixed grades on EOCEP standardized test

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Schools have received the full list of scores from the EOCEP standardized test.

Even though students at the early college high school tested highest in Horry County in Algebra and Biology, they averaged a "D" in U.S. History. The school's principal tells me they've been looking at the numbers for months and teachers have been pin-pointing what works, and what doesn't.

“We just see ours at first, and then today you're able to see what it looks like compared to other schools like yours, then within the district and the state,” Fleming-Jones said.

Early College High School Principal Kandi Fleming-Jones says these test scores are very telling on both ends of the classroom. Just as the students are being tested on everything they've learned during the semester, the teachers are being tested on how they've taught the classes.

“Did we meet all the standards? And then maybe we pick it apart, and see which ones the kids did best in,” Fleming-Jones explained. 

Then, the teachers have to go back and remember how they were teaching each chapter or unit.

“OK, then go back and say how did you teach that particular unit? What did you do special about that unit that made that particular part be the highest?” Fleming-Jones said.

Fleming-Jones says all the teachers in every subject have been experimenting with different types of teaching.  She believes while looking at these scores on a larger level, this test helps find which techniques are working best for our students.

“If we're talking about gamification, if we're talking about blended learning, which our district has been pushing for a couple of years, if we're talking about flipped classroom, then is it still working? Are you still able to maintain the scores that you've had in the past. If not, then what do we need to do? Do we need to go back and pick up, or what do we need to do better?"

Now the principal does understand the scores were low in U.S. History, but says the scores are still high when compared to the state level.

You can find a breakdown and a full list of the EOCEP test scores here:


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