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Conway intersection has woman fearing to sleep in her home

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - You can still see the tire marks in Margaret Vereen’s yard, days after an accident at the intersection of Highways 905 and 66.

On Friday, a driver went through the stop sign, knocked down two steel poles, and finally came to a stop when they hit a tree.

“I’m scared,” said 82-year-old Vereen, adding that she’s seen dozens of fatal accidents in her yard, causing her to live fearfully in her own home.

“I did sleep at this end, but I don’t now," Vereen said. "I sleep at the other end. That truck came half way in the yard there.”

Michelle Smith lives off of Highway 66; she said during foggy nights even people familiar with this road wreck here.

Vereen, Smith and other neighbors said they have talked to the South Carolina Department of Transportation and county council, and nothing is being done about this intersection. They said just a simple light can fix the problem.

“So I think it’s time now,” said Smith. “There’s been enough wrecks, enough people killed, enough people mangled. Somebody needs to come in and put a light right here.”

SCDOT crews were at the home replacing the stop sign, they said accidents like this are reported and they know this area far too well.

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