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An early week soaker setting up

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) The last thing we want to hear is that there is rain in the forecast but that is the case. Throughout the day on Sunday, showers will be hit or miss but eventually increase in coverage as we head into the evening and overnight hours. 

Here's the setup. A front moved through late Saturday and stalled just off the coast. A chunk of energy from the front is energizing itself in the northern Gulf of Mexico currently and as it continues to strengthen it will be moving to the north and east. Into our area. 

Heavy downpours are likely to be embedded in the steady light rain we are anticipating for Monday. We kick off the day with a very soggy morning commute and continue through the morning seeing heavier rain move in. By the afternoon and evening commute, we may see a slight decrease in intensity of the rain but it is looking like we will get another push of heavier rain late Monday night into early Tuesday morning. 

Taking a look at all of the models it is looking like we will average anywhere from 1-3 inches of rain through Tuesday. Some local areas could pick up a little more but we are not anticipating any flooding issues other than drains slightly backing up during a heavier downpour. 

Throughout Sunday and Monday we will see some breezy conditions as well. With the leaves beginning to fall off of some trees and pine trees losing their needles, drains could get clogged easier than normal. With the recent flooding in mind it is advised to clear any drains to offset any issues the rain may cause. Stay tuned to WMBF News and be sure to download our FREE First Alert weather app to stay ahead of the rain. 

First Alert Meteorologist Andy Stein 

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