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North Myrtle Beach Public Safety releases holiday shopping safety list

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – North Myrtle Beach Public Safety has released safety tips for the holiday shopping season.

Before people gear up for the next holiday season, North Myrtle Beach Public Safety wants safety to be at the top of everyone’s shopping lists.  

Sergeant John Stanley says it’s better these tips be out there sooner rather than later.

“It’s definitely being advertised. They're going to have all of those ads and sales and everything else. So we want to get it out early so people are mindful of it,” Sgt. Stanley explained.

It's only November 6 and North Myrtle Beach Public Safety already has its holiday safety tips ready. Sergeant Stanley says the next couple of months could bring a spike in crimes of opportunity.


“Purse snatchings, pick-pocketing, people see these things, break into a car, and steal something someone just bought. I mean it's definitely elevated this time of year,” Sgt. Stanley said.

The idea behind these tips is making sure you don’t fall victim to these crimes.

“One thing would be not to post what you're buying on social media,” Sgt. Stanley said.

Sergeant Stanley says depending on your privacy settings, this could make you an easy target for someone looking to take what you just bought or received as a gift.

If you're shopping in one of the many outdoor shopping centers in our area, Sgt. Stanley suggests not to just hide your findings somewhere safe in your car.

“Try moving your car to a different spot. That way it doesn’t look like your car has been sitting there all day,” Sgt. Stanley said,

“When you’re making your way back to your car, have your keys ready,” Sgt. Stanley explained.


“That way if you need to get in your vehicle quickly, you can. And once you get in your vehicle, lock your doors immediately,” Sgt. Stanley said.

If for any reason you still feel something's off when driving home, call for help.

“If you think you're being followed, go back to a well-lit, well-traveled area, either notify a security guard or call law enforcement. We'll give you an escort,” Sgt. Stanley said.

Sergeant Stanley also recommends you are mindful of the exits when shopping, just in case there is an emergency.

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