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Horry County proposes new county-wide radio system

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Horry County voted and approved the first reading of the improvement fund for the purpose of constructing a P-25 Radio System.

An ordinance to appropriate up to $16 million from revenues collected in excess of those required for completion of the RIDE II capital project sales tax projects, and to transfer those funds to the capital improvement fund for the purpose of designing and constructing a p-25 radio system.

The proposed new radio system is mainly for public safety officials. According to County Council Chairman Mark Lazarus, there are quite a few of them in the outer reaches of the county that don’t have communication. He also said there are some high rises on the ocean front where communication is lost. This new system will solve those problems. It will provide better communication throughout the county for all public safety officials.

Communication is very important, especially during natural disasters, when telephone and other forms of communication go out, the radio system can be up and running; his will ensure complete communication and safety for everybody.

“Oh it’s absolutely needed,” said Lazarus. “It’s mandated, too. It’s required that the county has to fulfill that obligation. So we had to figure out where do we get those dollars from. And we’re fortunate to be able to have a good economy that rose, and we collected more money that was anticipated.”

County officials are urging citizens that the money for the new proposed radio system is not taking money from the Ride II program.

After December 31, 2016, the current radio systems created by Motorola will no longer be usable. Every municipality has been struggling with the thought of how they would get the money to upgrade. According to Lazarus, the county has excess dollars collected above and beyond what was project to be collected in the Ride II program.

“We’re in good shape financially for that program. So anybody that thinks that we’re taking money and we won’t do the road projects, is not right. All projects approved by the citizens will be.”

State law says that any excess dollars come back to the general fund of the county.

“So we’re electing, since it was all collected throughout the entire county, it should benefit the entire county. And the benefit is this new radio system that everyone is going to need.”

The new proposed radio system for our public safety officials and all municipalities. All of Horry County, even the unincorporated areas, will utilize this system.

Lazarus said he believes using the excess dollars from Ride II to construct a new and improved county wide radio system is the best option. He said the project will benefit everybody in Horry County and the dollars used to fund it were collected county-wide and instead of keeping it in the unincorporated areas, they are spreading the wealth among everybody.

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