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Heavy rain causes closed roads and animal shelter under water

Heavy rain causes closed roads, animal shelter flooding in Marion County

MARION COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - People in Mullins are dealing with serious flooding because of the heavy rain fall on Wednesday. Roads closed around the area, and on N.E. Front Street near Highway 76 cars were halfway under water stuck and abandoned. Mullins Fire Department came through and made rescues to get people out of the cars covered in water.

Police and DOT crews directed traffic and set up cones to close off roads. Flooded water swept across streets near Main Street reaching homes doorsteps.

Robert Brayfield, a Mullins resident tried to drive through N.E. Front Street to check on his parents and some property. “You’ve got houses back in these low line areas that aren’t raised off the ground. Are they going to sleep on the wet floor? No, they’ve got to figure out what their going to do, where they are going to go. If the waters don’t recede its just going to get worse," said Brayfield.

Heavy rain also caused the Marion County Animal Shelter to move most of the animals out of their shelter. Volunteers had to pump water out of the cages, and animals were forced to stand on top of their kennels so they wouldn’t get any wetter. Donna Dew, a volunteer at Marion County Animal Shelter said, “The animals were standing in water and we have nowhere to put them to get them out and they were cold, they were wet. We need some help to get this shelter where it needs to be and we can’t keep operating out of a tobacco barn.”

Dew said when they get downpours of rain their drainage system caused water to back up and go into the shelter. "The water was in between the animals knees and ankles and we have nowhere to put them to get them out, she said." The shelter was planning on getting help from an animal rescue team in Asheville, North Carolina to bring the animals to safety.

First Alert Chief Meteorologist Jamie Arnold says this is just heavy rain creating similar problems, just like there was from the flooding back in October.

A shelter at Gapway Baptist church in Marion opened up at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday for anyone who had to evacuate and needs somewhere to go.

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