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Darlington Police Chief ensuring school safety

(Source: Darlington Police) (Source: Darlington Police)

DARLINGTON, SC (WMBF) - Darlington Police Chief Watson has had numerous conversations in reference to the School Resource Officer issue that recently took place in South Carolina. He made several statements assuring that school safety is a priority. 

Watson said over the last couple of decades numerous attacks at schools have occurred all over the country; the primary task for the officers is to keep the schools safe from exterior and interior threats.

"The use of force is something that is used sparingly but does upon occasion happen from time to time. We use South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy approved techniques to conduct ourselves when we use force and also act according to our use of force continuum," Watson said.

Since the event has occurred Watson has heard more than one call for removal of officers from schools. He also said, "he firmly believes however that our agency and the numerous schools that are in our jurisdiction have a very strong relationship of mutual respect for one another."

"When our officers are engaging with children we always use body cameras. This is so that everything that occurs is recorded. This not only protects the child and the officer, it also protects the truth as well."

Watson said, "they have SRO's in the city of Darlington and they are all dedicated. Exceptional officers who have proven themselves to be professional, as well as, trustworthy."

If you have a complaint when an SRO has dealt with your child, Watson advises you speak to him. He said, "we will gladly take a look at the issue and do our best to find the truth of it."

Watson said the department has had few problems at any of the schools they have officers at. "It is our hope that this continues to stay that way."

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