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WMBF News speaks to two candidates running for mayor of Conway

Left: Barbara Blain-Bellamy/Right: Alys Lawson Left: Barbara Blain-Bellamy/Right: Alys Lawson

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – A councilwoman is running against the current mayor of Conway for the mayor's seat.

Both women running for mayor have had a hand in big city decisions over the last decade because they've been sitting at the same table on council, but current mayor, Alys Lawson, feels her seven-year run as mayor to that council, should be taken into consideration when voters hit the polls on Tuesday.

“You do a lot of campaigning, the last few months prior to an election, but to me you can't replicate those last seven years of dedicated already on the record,” Lawson explained.

Mayor Alys Lawson tells me in her 7 years, she has made it a point to work with surrounding municipalities to bring different programs to the city of Conway. One being the crime fighting C-S.T.A.N.D. program.

“It just seemed like such a creative approach to try to combat crime and gangs in your community, and those relationships have helped bring that program here to Conway. And I'm willing to work to bring in other projects, to reach out and see what other communities are doing, to be sure that Conway's on the cutting edge,” Lawson said.

In her time as mayor, Lawson says the city has completed three building projects and won four municipality achievement awards from the state. If re-elected Lawson would focus on economic development in the city, especially on the property around the historic Riverwalk.

Running against her, Barbara Blain-Bellamy wasn’t available for an interview but sent over this statement.

“Barbara Blain-Bellamy's leadership in the progress of Conway began in 1993. Her knowledge of the city is unsurpassed, having served ten years on the city council and four years as its deputy city administrator. Barbara assures Conway's residents that as their mayor, she will continue to lead with candor and prayerfulness, always respecting others and their views. She will build partnerships to solve problems.  Barbara will dutifully use her vote and influence to welcome new businesses, improve safety and security, maintain our aging infrastructure, and strengthen the sense of community Conway enjoys,” Blain-Bellamy sent via email.

The decision comes down to the voters.

“If you really appreciate the leadership and the momentum of your community--it's time for you to do your part and step up by voting,” Lawson said.

Voting closes at 7 p.m. Tuesday. 

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