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2 suspects in custody after Myrtle Beach night club shooting

Bobby Steven Bellamy. Source: MBPD Bobby Steven Bellamy. Source: MBPD
Michael Keith McKenith. Source: MBPD Michael Keith McKenith. Source: MBPD
The scene of the shooting. The scene of the shooting.

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Both suspects have been apprehended in connection with a shooting Sunday morning that left two people injured, according to Myrtle Beach police.

Two people were treated for gunshot wounds at Grand Strand Medical Center after a shooting at around 5:30 a.m. just outside of Club Levelz on 9th Avenue North, Myrtle Beach police said. Police said everyone involved was at Global Ultra Lounge before the incident.

The owner of Global Ultra Lounge said the shooting happened around the block and he’s not sure how police connected the people involved in it to his club. He said he always has a security guard at the door checking people for guns. 

The two suspects were identified as Bobby Steven Bellamy and Michael Keith McKenith, both wanted for three counts of attempted murder. Michael Keith McKenith was apprehended according to a post made on Monday afternoon to the Myrtle Beach Police Department's Facebook page. On Tuesday morning, police announced on social media that Bellamy had also been apprehended.

Police said a suspect followed the victims out of the club where they were shot in the parking lot.

Those two victims were treated at Grand Strand Medical Center. Investigators originally said shortly after those two victims arrived at the hospital, a third person came to the hospital with a gunshot wound. Police later said that while there were three victims, only two people were injured.

MBPD used security camera footage to identify the car associated with the shooting, said Lt. Joey Crosby. He said those security cameras were installed recently to curb crime in the area. The department has also increased patrols.

Clubs in Myrtle Beach are allowed to be open as long as they want although no alcohol can be sold after 2 a.m. on Sundays. MBPD wants 2 a.m. to become closing time every day to reduce crime.

"We've seen an increase in our violent crimes that are happening at these nightclubs and bars after 2 a.m," Lt. Crosby said.

Myrtle Beach City Council Member Randal Wallace said he doesn't want to punish the businesses that don't have problems.

"You've got a lot of people in the service industry that don't get off work until midnight, 1 o'clock in the morning, so that's their time that they're out," Wallace said. "We've got a number of bars that we've never had any issues ever with."

Myrtle Beach city council did approve a moratorium last week that will no longer allow nightclubs that service more than 150 people from opening in the 5 Points area. 

As for the existing nightclubs, Mayor John Rhodes said he expects the topic to come up at the next council meeting. 

Wallace said he thinks the city should concentrate on shutting the businesses down as public nuisances when club owners can't control their crowds.

"We're getting ready to do something about that and we're targeting this area where we've had a large amount of problems," Wallace said. "It's just a shame that they won't step up and manage their business any better than this."

Fabiola Hair Salon is right across the street from Global Ultra Lounge. The owner said she doesn't think the club owners or managers are at fault for any violent incidents.

"They're making sure that people don't come out with cups or anything," Fabiola Gonzalez Lopez said. "They're at the door making sure people are OK. If somebody is too drunk, they make sure they go home early."

She thinks with some beautification, more lighting and a bigger police presence the people causing trouble will go elsewhere.

The owner of Global Ultra Lounge said he operates the business from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. because that's when he gets the most customers. He said the profits from cover charges alone are enough to pay the bills on Sundays when alcohol sales are not allowed at the time the club is open,. 

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