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Haunted houses don't meet fire codes

Haunted houses shut down in Darlington County

From the State Fire Marshal From the State Fire Marshal
Fletcher Farms haunted house Fletcher Farms haunted house

Darlington County, SC (WMBF)- Haunted houses around Darlington County were shut down by the county’s fire department because of fire safety code violations. It all started from one complaint to the state Fire Marshal’s Office about the safety of a haunted house property. Darlington County fire officials got involved and this led to more inspections around the county. Each one was indeed against fire safety code. Authorities say the problem is, no sprinkler system.

The fire marshal posted a sign on each house that no one is allowed inside, but that didn’t scare away two haunted house owners who still wanted to put on a show this Halloween weekend.

Tammy Fletcher, Owner od Fletcher Farms in Hartsville said, “We still got the maze and the tractor ride out to the farm. The house is closed down but we’ve taken a bunch of it, we’ve got it running but its outside.” Fletcher said safety is the number one concern each year they put on their ghost town and haunted trail and said they didn’t know the house needed a sprinkler system until now.

“We have people that come two hours here and it brings money. All the haunted houses bring money to the area. You know there’s not a whole going on with farms now and it’s a way the farms can make money,” said Fletcher.

The Lake Robinson Rescue Squad in Hartsville is another group that won’t let this stop them. They have put on their haunted house and hay ride for the past 36 years, and tonight they made sure folks could still enjoy a haunted hay ride.

Robinn Brock, Director of the Lake Robenson Rescue Squad said his team of volunteers actually re-built the haunted house in ten hours today. “We were blindsided, I mean completely caught off guard.," said Brock. All the funds from their ticket sales go towards the Lake Robenson Rescue Squad and the Hartsville wrestling team.

The group of volunteers found out yesterday from the state fire marshal and labor licensing department that their ten room haunted house will be shut down for good until they put a sprinkler system in. "This is just a wonderful group of volunteers and we might get knocked down, but we’ll get up and be stronger," Brock said.

Though they’ve had to adjust, both haunted house attractions will be up and running on Halloween night.

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