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30 Darlington County residents plea guilty to food stamp fraud

Source: DSS website Source: DSS website

DARLINGTON COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Thirty Darlington County residents pled guilty Wednesday to food stamp fraud charges, according to a news release from South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson.

The following thirty people pled guilty to the charge of fraudulent acquisition or use of food stamps:

  • Demetrious Hannibal (DOB 1977), Hartsville
  • Rochelle Dubose (DOB 1976), Hartsville
  • Jonet Scott (DOB 1985), Hartsville
  • Saquan Bell (DOB 1993), Hartsville
  • Tomeka Jackson (DOB 1981), Hartsville
  • Iris Riviera (DOB 1986), Hartsville
  • Malissa Jacobs (DOB 1972), Hartsville
  • Johnetta Evans (DOB 1977), Hartsville
  • Terry Jennings (DOB 1959), Hartsville
  • Stephanie Jackson (DOB 1991), Hartsville
  • Mary Bracey (DOB 1953), Hartsville
  • Eddie Best (DOB 1960), Hartsville
  • Undrey Nicholson (DOB 1993), Hartsville
  • Sheneaka Harris (DOB 1978), Hartsville
  • Shonda Samuel (DOB 1984), Hartsville
  • Margaret Foreman (DOB 1987), Hartsville
  • Barbara Slater (DOB 1982), Hartsville
  • Tiffany Thomas (DOB 1986), Hartsville
  • Richardson Jennings (DOB 1944), Hartsville
  • Ina Smith (DOB 1954), Hartsville
  • Robert McCoy, Jr. (DOB 1971), Hartsville
  • Shirlene Roary (DOB 1975), Hartsville
  • Conisa Carroway-Mitchell (DOB 1980), Hartsville
  • Kenny Horton (DOB 1963), Hartsville
  • Chanell Gregg Dewitt (DOB 1979), Hartsville
  • Latrecia Ross Rivers (DOB 1980), Hartsville
  • Jamie Bracey (DOB 1976), Hartsville
  • Ellen Bell (DOB 1977), Hartsville
  • Nina Thomas (DOB 1981), Hartsville
  • Robbie Fields (DOB 1977), Hartsville

Fraudulent acquisition or use of food stamps is a felony offense that can carry a maximum of five years imprisonment and/or a fine up to $500.

The court ordered the individuals a probationary term and the requirement to pay full restitution; they will also be prohibited from attaining food stamp benefits permanently.

Assistant Attorney General Nicole T. Wetherton prosecuted the cases; Special Agent Condie Johnson from the South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) handled the investigations.

Since July of this year, 64 individuals from Darlington County have been indicted for food stamp fraud and 55 have pled guilty. Close to $229,000 in restitution has been ordered back to the State of South Carolina from Darlington County alone.

Most of the charges stem from allegations that the Dollar Saver Grocery, formerly known as Get ‘N Go, located in Hartsville, permitted individuals to use their EBT card containing taxpayer-funded food stamp benefits to acquire $.50 -.75 in cash on the dollar instead of qualifying food purchases allowed by the guidelines of the Food Stamp program.

The news release states additional indictments will be forthcoming.

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