Creepy crawlies found in 2 area restaurants

Creepy crawlies found in 2 area restaurants

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – If you're planning on eating out this Halloween weekend, check out this week's Restaurant Scorecard so that you don't get an unexpected fright. The health inspection grades were all over the place this week.

'Jay's Asian Fusion' in Longs got a 74 in their inspection – a "C" grade. Points were taken off because surfaces for food was not cleaned or sanitized. Also, they were not using approved thawing methods, and a big problem:  roaches were found in the sushi bar area. There was a broken soap dispenser and no paper towels at the hand sinks, which were not able to be used because they were full of buckets. Many small bugs were found in the bulk bin of flour. Knives were unclean around their handles. Thawed shrimp was seen in standing water in a sink. Tuna was thawing at room temperature. A trash can was being used as a work table to store a tray of prepped food products. Raw meet was being prepped in an unclean sink where items were being washed. And various appliances, including the dish washer, refrigerator, and hand sink were not clean in several places.

A couple of restaurants did just a little better. Fuji Japanese Grill in North Myrtle Beach got an 82, with violations including: the person in charge could not speak English and could not provide a thermometer or chlorine test kit, dishes were being washed a 3-comp sink and not being sanitized, no consumer advisory was provided for raw fish on the sushi menu, and small bugs were crawling on a rice cooker latch that was in use, among other violations.

Mexico Lindo in Myrtle Beach did a little better with a score of 88, an "A." Inspectors noted that employee rinks were being stored in food prep and storage areas, the hand sink was not accessible for use, and the sinks were in poor repair.

The top grades for this week go to Chipper Grill in North Myrtle, which got a 97, and the Nacho-Hippo inside the Myrtle Beach International Airport, which got a 99.

For a more detailed look at the inspection reports, click here view each report in PDF format.

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