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Students send 'thank you' cards to Myrtle Beach Police

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Some students at Socastee Elementary may be little but they have big hearts. The first graders at the school wanted to give back to the Myrtle Beach Police Department. 

At a time when officers are not getting acknowledged for all the good they do wanted to say 'thank you' the officers. The class was inspired by one of their classmates and his father.

Jane Gladden, first grade teacher at Socastee Elementary, says the gesture was a lesson about giving back. 

"So we chose the Myrtle Beach Police Department because of Ethan's father, Ethan's father is a policeman there right," said Gladden as she smiled at student Ethan Cast.

"We talked about it and did a lot of discussions beforehand about what police officers actually do, so the kids had a good background about what police officers actually do," explained Gladden. 

When visitors enter the lobby of the Myrtle Beach Police Department, they are greeted with a colorful display of appreciation. 

Gladden said, "They were able to write whatever they wanted to write and thank them for whatever they wanted to thank them for. So they were all different, all very personal" - personal because they know little Ethan Cast's father. Officer Cast has worked with the students before teaching them about safety and they felt inspired to share the gratitude with his department. 

"The boys and girls wrote letters and they were precious - thank you for all you do, and it was right after the flood so they were able to write thank you letters thanking them for helping with the floods as well," said Gladden.

The officers are grateful for the gesture. The department sent the entire class a photo of the Myrtle Beach Cycling Department, signed with a 'thank you' note to them. The students also received honorary police badges, which Gladden said put a smile on the students' faces.

School principal, Krista Finklea, said the students are learning a lesson about respect and service that will carry them into adulthood. "When you give back to others there's even a greater joy to that, and it fulfills something inside them," said Finklea. "They can take this for the rest of their lives."

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