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Officer makes woman's day by writing note on traffic warning issued in Georgetown

Source: Ayla Hemeon's Facebook page Source: Ayla Hemeon's Facebook page

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – A woman was pulled over for speeding on Sunday afternoon and the warning she was issued by an officer was quite unexpected and even brought tears to her eyes.

According to Ayla Hemeon’s Facebook page, the officer wrote on her warning “Thanks for all you do. You could have spent Sunday alone but, you’re spending it helping your parents and daughter. Have a good day.”

Ayla and her daughter were pulled over when they were on the way to her parents’ house to drop off a pumpkin they had carved for them.

When the officer asked Ayla if there was any lawful reason why she was speeding, she shook her head and explained they were rushing to drop off the pumpkin to get back home to work on homework, the Facebook page states.

The officer then went back to his patrol car and Ayla said she could see him writing her ticket. But, when he came back he told her he was just giving her a warning. Ayla thanked him and drove away.

She gave the ticket to her daughter and asked her to read it to her.

Ayla said her in her Facebook post she never thought it would say what it did and the officer made her day.

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