16-year-old student is helping elephants in Kenya

16-year-old student is helping elephants in Kenya

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Calla's Natural Wipes is what 16-year-old Calla Hickey sells through her business she started two years ago to help raise money to adopt elephants in Kenya for the Sheldrick Wildlife trust, and she's already adopted five elephants.

"96 or 98 percent of that money goes toward keeping the elephant, buying them food, keeping them sheltered so they can get healthy and go back into the wild," said Hickey.

It's a venture she knows is making a difference in the world, while back home she also makes a difference volunteering at Ocean Bay Elementary school

Singing and performing are Calla's other passions.She's currently a state Thespian Officer, a pianist and has performed in a number of stage plays. She says she plans one day performing on Broadway.

"I just love being on stage and the rush you get after you do a solo and the crowd just erupts, the feeling is just amazing," she says.

The junior has a 4.2 GPA and hopes to attend Coker College or USC and major in Musical Theater and minor in Sociology.

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