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Monday at 11PM

Councilmember racks up over $100k in ethics violations

MONDAY AT 11PM - A local councilman has been fined over $100,000 for ethics violations.

"That's the price you have to pay when you go against the system," says Florence City Councilman Edward Robinson.

Monday at 11 p.m., WMBF News gets you answers to the tough questions about his time in office.

"I made a mistake - so be it. I'm also paying for fighting for the people that I represent," Robinson says. "People know that I'm there for them."

Defiant, unapologetic, and fighting back - Ed Robinson goes on record, Monday at 11 p.m. on WMBF News.

Watch web-exclusive raw interview video below:

Ed Robinson explains what happened

Ed Robinson says he is paying dearly for what he did

Controversial issue in Florence, call Ed Robinson

Ed Robinson - "As long as they want me"

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