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Myrtle Beach High School students behind city council debate

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - All eight candidates for Myrtle Beach city council got a chance to speak about the issues our city is facing at Myrtle Beach High School Monday night.

That long list came from some folks who don’t have a vote quite yet, but are just as invested in the city’s future.

“The city councilors answered our questions that we asked them,” said O’neal McBride, an AP Government student. “We’re just one of 25,000 people in the city of Myrtle Beach, and they answered our questions.”

Every question from the debate was written by Myrtle Beach High school students enrolled in AP Government and Economics classes.

Those questions covered problems with homelessness and city funding, as well as the most popular issue of the night: Myrtle Beach’s perceived crime issue.

Most candidates agreed there is an issue here in Myrtle Beach, but the debate turned more into what degree of a problem there is.

Either way, the students in attendance, recognized the importance of their role in the event.

“Since we’re the next generation of people, we’re going to be able to ask the next generation of politician’s questions. Since we all live in Myrtle Beach, we are able to figure out what the politicians are able to do address the issues that affect us,” said Matt Belissary.

While the students may not be able to vote this time around, they hope their questions helped someone else form theirs.

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