Roaches and flies served up on Restaurant Scorecard

Roaches and flies served up on Restaurant Scorecard

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - TGIF, and time to eat. Before you head out for dinner, you may want to hear about a restaurant with roaches, and one with flies.

WMBF News stopped in three restaurants, one A score, one B and one C score and believe it or not, it was the spot with a B, Roundman's in Nichols, which got cited for roaches.

The Department of Health stopped by after a complaint, according to the inspection report, and noted, "The kitchen had a significant presence of roaches, many live and dead were found."

DHEC scored Roundman's an 86,  but will be back for a follow up.

Ron Jon's can also expect a return visit from DHEC after earning a "C."

Inspectors noted 14 issues at the restaurant including drain flies in the kitchen, and some dirty equipment like the slicer and the coolers. Three issues were corrected during the inspection.

This isn't the first time WMBF News stopped by Ron Jons after a DHEC report came out, but nobody was available for comment.

Employees at Groucho's Deli, on the other hand, were happy to talk about how they scored a 99.

"Everybody just does their part, we all just know what to do and make sure it's done before our end of shift," Manager Tyler Batts said.

Tyler has been around Groucho's since it opened so he knows what it takes to get customers to return.

"I like our STP, that's our most famous sub, it's roast beef and turkey, bacon bits and swiss cheese, and it's all melted together, you dip it in the 45," he said.

Batts said a lot of people order the 45, a dipping sauce, which goes along with all the sandwiches.

He also said, to many customers, Groucho's Deli, feels like home.

"Everybody's familiar with us, the owner's here every day so everyone knows him," Batts said. "We're like a family based restaurant, it's like real homey when you come in here."

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