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Surf Golf and Beach Club taking next steps after fire

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The Surf Golf and Beach Club was out more than $200,000 after Tuesday night’s fire.

Though the fire did leave behind thousands of dollars’ worth of destruction, General Manager of the club, Tom Prough, says it could have been much worse if it wasn’t for an employee who lives nearby.
“He just happened to be walking by at around 9:30 at night and just so happened to see the fire,” he said.

Prough says chances are slim anyone else would have seen the blaze.

“I'm sure they would have been asleep, it could have gone undetected for who knows how much longer. And if you look, there are a lot of big trees over-hanging this area, could have potentially caught those trees on fire and gone through the whole area,” Prough explained.

That's not all, less than 30 feet from where the fire burned on one side, and 50 feet on the other there are propane and gas tanks.

“I know the parts of the machinery, are magnesium which burns at 1200 degrees, you know, a lot of heat.. yeah it was close,” Prough said.

Prough says emergency responders wouldn't let him back to the scene until the next morning.

“Fortunately equipment can be replaced, lives can't, but it's pretty startling to see that much equipment melted down to nothing but metal frames,” he said.

Prough says the flood just put them out of business for three weeks but the fire didn't put them out a minute and that he's grateful for.

"It’s amazing… it's amazing. We're packed today, and of course it's a beautiful day. You would never know something this terrible has happened unless you came around to the back of this building to see the problems we have,” Prough said.

The club will be keeping their spirits high as they begin to work with insurance companies.

As for the fire, it is still under investigation. 

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