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Golf course counting down the days until reopening since the flood

LONGS, SC (WMBF) - The Waccamaw River may be going down, but the problems it caused aren't going away with it. One local golf course isn't able to cash in on one of the busiest months for golf.

Aberdeen Country Club Golf Course was hit hard by the storm, completely flooded and forced to close. Staff at the golf course said the flooding was pretty significant up until this past Friday.

"We knew what the area was prone to do but it was still a surprise, whenever you see that much water on a golf course, on a facility that you take so much care of and have so much pride in,” Founder's Group Director of Marketing Steve Mays said. “It does make you take a step back."

There’s no question about why it's taking nearly a month, for the water to go down. Aberdeen is known for its landscape on the Waccamaw, with Buck Creek running straight through it, but it's the beauty, which became the beast, once the storm hit.

"When the river comes to you, there's not much you can do until the water starts to recede,” Mays said.

While it's still a bit of a waiting game, the water has receded enough that crews have been able to start pumping the remainder off the green.

While there was no significant damage to the course itself, the biggest issue that washed up with the water was an impact to business.

"October is our busiest month of the year during the fall,” Mays said.  “It's significant not just for Aberdeen but for all the golf courses along the Grand Strand and to have a golf course out of commission for a couple of weeks is difficult at best financially."

While Aberdeen was closed, the company was able to get golfers on it's other courses to assure there was no impact on those who wanted to play.

Aberdeen is on target to start getting rounds back on the course by Friday, October 30th.

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