Teen driver survey: 90% know texting and driving dangers, 44% do it anyway

Teen driver survey: 90% know texting and driving dangers, 44% do it anyway

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - National Teen Driver Safety Week begins Monday, October 18. To spread awareness, State Farm released the results of a survey of drivers ages 16-19 to learn about their attitude and behaviors when it comes to distracted driving.

According to the survey, over 90 percent of teens in the age group said they understand texting while driving is distracting, but 44 percent say they do it anyway.

Teens were asked about the top three things that would deter them from reading or responding to texts.

  1. 51 percent were concerned about crashing.
  2. 50 percent were concerned about getting caught by police.
  3. 33 percent were concerned about arriving safety at their destination.
  4. 23 percent said they were concerned because they know someone who has caused a crash while texting.
  5. 17 percent said their concern was based on stories about crashes caused by texting.
  6. 13 percent were worried about being caught texting and driving by their parents.
  7. 10 percent said their friends encourage safe driving.
  8. 6 percent said they have parent/teen safe driving contracts to deter them from texting and driving.

State Farm said its survey, which had responses from approximately 1,000 teens, revealed teens 18-19 are much more likely to be distracted than 16-17 year olds.

Besides texting, teens reported a number of other distractions break their concentration behind-the-wheel. When it comes to ways they distract themselves behind the wheel, the top answers were revealed:

  1. 94 percent said talking with a passenger.
  2. 79 percent reported being distracted by listening to a navigation system.
  3. 73 percent said they search for music.
  4. 36 percent said they use the internet on their phone.
  5. 29 percent said reading social media distracts them.
  6. 27 percent said taking pictures with their phone.

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