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Farmers make up for crops lost during floods

Florence Ovis Hill Farmers Market Florence Ovis Hill Farmers Market
Ovis Hill Farm Ovis Hill Farm

DARLINGTON COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Farms were hit hard from all the recent historic flooding and now farmers have to figure out how to get back on their feet to survive. Ovis Hill Farm in the Pee Dee was one of those farms who felt the loss.

The water flooded parts of Ovis Hill Farm, leaving the farmers with no choice but to replant everything. They say farming is all about timing, and the floods pushed back planting their crops for the winter season by weeks.

“We couldn’t get in to weed and that sort of thing and when the ground stayed wet, then the roots of most of the plants were too wet and the plants died," said Alice Caldwell, Ovis Hill Farm Owner.

The farm owners say this sort of flooding impacts their entire schedule of planting vegetables, and if it was any worse they could have lost crops for the entire year, losing business and money from their weekly farmers markets.

One of those farmers markets was held in Florence today, which brought in more people than they’ve had in a while, but not all the typical vegetables were there or from their farm.

Charlie Caldwell, Ovis Hill Farm Owner said, “What we lost were tomatoes, arugula, kale, baby collards, some baby greens and mixes and those are gone, gone for the season.”

The Caldwell’s then had to reach out to another local farmer whose land is on higher ground to provide them with what they lost.

Kathy Hall has been coming to this Florence market for three years, and she appreciates their all organic and pesticide-free grown items. She says, “Hopefully that will continue, they’ll look to farmers lucky enough to be on higher ground and hopefully he’ll be able…Charlie’s really good about getting what we need, so I can count on him.”

Charlie Caldwell says they are trying to catch up right now and scrambling to recover and re-establish their cash flow. They are trying to survive now.

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