AAA urges car buyers to be on high alert for flood damaged cars

AAA urges car buyers to be on high alert for flood damaged cars

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – AAA warns new car buyers to be on high alert after the area's severe flooding.

A huge concern for those at AAA, is someone falling victim to flood damage not once, but twice.

"If they've just lost their cars in the flood, they are going to be looking for new cars too.  So they could be hit two times if they are buying a car that was submerged previously," Tracie Lawrence said.

A press release from AAA warns buyers to be on high alert because new paint, new upholstery and that "new car" smell can mask flood damage.

Though mechanics at C&G Auto & Truck are noticing insurance agencies are acting quickly to name cars a total loss. They say there may be other businesses that put flood damaged cars on the sale lot and major problems could be disguised for longer than you may think.

"It takes a while for the water to get in it, the connections and the sensors... to where it can delay the process, too where we don't know anything... and then everything starts going haywire six months down the road," Barry Abrams said.

Mechanics are seeing anything from failed engines to starters, and deep electrical damage.

"This car actually ran through water, like everybody else out there, they thought the water was shallow, when they got half way out it was coming in over the hood, it sucked everything up into the engine," Abrams said.

"This car right here is a total loss, it was totaled because it got into the inside of the vehicle, where a lot of the electronics and the modules and the brains are for the vehicle," Abrams explained.

Along with AAA, Service Manager, Barry Abrams says mechanics will know exactly what to look for and people should have a mechanic they trust look at the car before you make any kind of payment.

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