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Flood victims still waiting for help

Elaine Diaz Elaine Diaz

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - It’s been days since flooding stopped, but around Horry County many homeowners haven’t stopped needing help.

For the folks off New Road in Conway, the past few days haven’t gotten any easier.

“I went back there a few days ago in the boat,” said Elaine Diaz. “I basically have lost everything.”

Diaz now has nowhere to go. Her home is underwater, and this truck is one of her few belongings left.

One thing she says she and her neighborhood need the most right now is help.

“A mile down the road they’ve got Red Cross, Salvation Army, National Guard,” she said. “Where New Road is, on my end, there has been nothing.”

That help she’s referring to is at checkpoints like the one off Waccamaw Drive. There are currently more than a dozen around Horry County, and a few more within the Conway city limits.

The county spokesperson says each one is strategically placed next to a river, body of water, or closed road.

Their purpose is only to prevent looting and sightseeing.

Some do have things like water available, but those supplies are coming from outside organizations like the Red Cross.

“It’s just sad,” said Diaz. “It feels like nobody cares about us on New Road.”

Diaz and her neighbors still feel under appreciated. They hope someone will see the conditions of their neighborhood, and help a little too.

“I come down here and I look at the water and miss my home so much,” she said while weeping. "I want to go home but I can’t go home.”

If you need more assistance than just those checkpoints, there are many resources available.

The county has two Disaster Recovery Centers open with supplies and organizations to help you. Those are at the North Strand Rec Center and South Strand Rec Center.

You can also call the number 211 to get in touch with the United Way.  

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