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Economists find where the Grand Strand stands during Economic Growth Summit

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The 18th Annual Economic Growth Summit held at the Crown Reef Conference center revealed the Grand Strand economy is on an upward trend.

Economists said there is growth in tourism, healthcare and education.

“There are good jobs to be had, but you want people to have education so they can become entrepreneurs, so their skilled enough to create their own companies because it's new companies, that create most of the jobs in the economy, not old ones,” Todd Buccholz said.

Former White House economist and keynote speaker during today's summit, Todd Buccholz, believes the success of a given economy starts with education. As CCU Economist, Robert Salvino revealed, that's an area where we are seeing growth.  

“Higher education, also a U.S. wide kind of phenomenon with the push for more college degrees for more of our high school students when they come out,” Salvino said.

Salvino says there's another reason why there's a spike in education.

“Also the growth of the south, the southern region, you have more people here than there were 50 years ago, you have universities like Coastal that are just growing at tremendous rates,” Salvino explained.

From education, to a rise in residential growth, Horry County Chairman Mark Lazarus believes it all leads to expanding the Grand Strand.

“And of course that resonates into commercial development which that is very good for our economy, and of course with our economic development corporation, hopefully we're looking at a lot of new jobs to bring in to the area,” Lazarus said.

A recent investment Lazarus expects to bring jobs is the Carolina Southern Railroad.

Due to the fact more people are going to college here, living and working here, even retiring here, Salvino says there's an another upward trend heading higher than ever.

“Also with healthcare, the demographic trend in the United States, with the aging of the baby boomers, and them moving here, demand for healthcare,” Salvino said.

In Wednesday’s summit, speakers agreed the Grand Strand is on an overall steady and maintainable upward trend for growth.  

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