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City leaders gather as Bunny Ranch is finally torn down

Source: Myrtle Beach City Government Facebook page Source: Myrtle Beach City Government Facebook page

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Wednesday was the day many people had been waiting for. The day a blighted structure with a distasteful past finally met its end as demolition crews began tearing down the former Bunny Ranch strip club promptly at 9 a.m.

As the countdown neared city officials and others in the community gathered around to see, counting down, and some even chanted, “Tear it down.”

“It’s huge for us.” Myrtle Beach City Councilman Randal Wallace said. “Because this is the gateway into Myrtle Beach. And this has been a long time coming. We’ve been working on trying to do something here for probably ten years.”

The sun rose on a new day in Myrtle Beach, as a dark spot at what many consider the gateway to Myrtle Beach will soon be a memory. There are big plans to redevelop the area starting Wednesday.

The city didn’t own the property until recently. City officials made a property swap with the owners of the land the Bunny Ranch sits on, Brittain Resort Management. The company got a strip of land by a restaurant it owns, and the city got the strip club. Acquiring ownership of the Bunny Ranch was the first step to get rid of what many call an eye sore in an area that needs to be cleaned up, and city officials said Wednesday is just the beginning of the fix-ups planned for the 501 area that is the main corridor people use to get to the beach, the first thing they see.
“We'd like to maybe call it Gateway Park,” explained Myrtle Beach City Councilman Wayne Gray. “Because this is the gateway into the historic Myrtle Beach tourism district, and where most people still traverse using 501. And so I hope that this will be the beginning of several more projects along 501.”

City officials haven’t made a final decision on what to do with the land, but the idea is to put in a sign welcoming people to downtown, and perhaps a fountain.

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