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Homeowners in Cameron Village are questioning developer after severe flooding

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Source: Lawrence Mandell Source: Lawrence Mandell
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HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Cameron Village in Horry County experienced some major flooding last week, which left homeowners stranded for days. But after a drainage system was built by the developer, the water was off the street in less than 12 hours. Now some homeowners are questioning why this wasn't done earlier.

“I’ve been told that a permanent pipe should have been completed way before our storm,” said Cameron Village homeowner Rocco Turso.

The neighborhood was flooded for about three days, because the retention ponds in the neighborhood overflowed. Turso said he feels the drainage pipe would’ve relieved their community of the flooding after the Bay Rd drainage system failed.

“If you’re in the process of new construction, you would think they would be using the latest techniques, have the best technology, and have the highest-paid engineers to make sure something like this doesn’t happen.”

Although that area of Cameron Village doesn’t appear to be a flood zone, Turso says they got an average of four feet of water, which left everyone stranded in their homes until Beazer, the current builder in Cameron Village, came in and opened a new retention pond. He says that he and other homeowners have had issues with Beazer about flooding in the past.

“Well we’ve had street flooding in the past, 2010 and 2012,” said Turso. “Residents including myself have contacted Beazer trying to get some answers, some relief. And this was the icing on the cake.”

The houses in Cameron Village sit over four feet from the road, but Turso said some houses had water up to the garage doors.

“There’s not enough capacity. Plain and simple. For the amount of houses in this area. If we get a deluge of rain, like we had and have had in the past, the retention ponds apparently stop working.”

Horry County Stormwater Manager Tom Garigen said according to Cameron Village’s developer Beazer, the building of the retention ponds were a part of a next phase of construction.

He said once Horry County realized the flooding was so bad in there, they met with Beazer and determined that by digging that ditch out through that next phase would provide some more relief for the people in Cameron Village. He said he was on the phone with Beazer until 9 p.m. last Tuesday about digging the drainage system, Beazer completed the project by 10 p.m. that night, and he along with homeowners say the roads were clear by morning.

“The bottom line was that we had a one hundred year storm or better,” said Garigen. “Some areas of the county we had a 200-year storm. The drainage systems are not designed to handle that. We couldn’t afford to build homes if we were building for a 100/200 year storm, because all the pipes would be twice as big.”

Horry County Stormwater Management teams have been out looking at other neighborhoods that were severely flooded, trying to determine if there is a design problem and if something needs to be changed.

Garigen says that they will work in those communities until they meet the 25-year design standard. He says that that when we get excessive storms, we will get some road flooding. He said Horry County has a code that requires houses to be a minimum of one foot off the road. That code didn’t exist when the older homes were built in the 70s and 80s. He told me a little flooding in the road won’t destroy people’s houses.

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