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Farms feeling the effects of flood waters

Horry County, SC -

While many people across our area have lost their homes and possessions, some farmers have lost their livelihoods. 

Rain has taken away the produce they depend on to make money, washing away weeks of work in the fields in a matter of days.

"Sometimes too much rain is worse than being in a drought," Jimmy Rabon with Home Sweet Farm said. "You can put water to it most of the time, but it's hard to take it away."

Home Sweet Farm in the Bayboro community of Loris was lucky. 

"I'm thankful here where we are at it's kind of a high piece of land," Rabon said. "We didn't have too many problems."

However, their work has been pushed back by a few weeks, and they've lost some of the produce they were expecting their plants to yield. They're also having to wait on their land to dry out before they can plant for the next season.

"Getting ready to plant strawberries now but the field is to wet to lay the plastic, so just waiting on it to dry out so we can get started," Rabon said.

The worst of the flood's impact can be seen in counties like Georgetown. At Millgrove Farms, they've lost everything. All of their fall and winter crops are now gone, and they're scrambling to find dry land to plant more before it's too late.

"We're fortunate to not have everyone completely washed out," Executive Director of the Waccamaw Market Cooperative Samantha Tipton said. 

That's the hope many are holding onto, that damage for other farms has been small.

"Earlier this season we dealt with the drought. Now we're dealing with the flooding," Tipton said. "This level of rain is not something we're use to dealing with, so it really has impacted them and even being able to travel. If they can't get to the market or can't get to their everyone's been affected."

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