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Georgetown County still mired by floodwater

Johnsonville neighborhood Johnsonville neighborhood

GEORGETOWN, SC (WMBF) - More than a week has gone by since the storm hit and many communities, like the Browns Ferry in Georgetown, still linger in flood waters and are crying for help.

Cherokee Drive is blocked on both sides by the flooding of the Black River, and many neighbors feel stuck.

There are houses submerged, mailboxes underwater, and no way out, which has  become a fixture for this community, and many across our area. The people on Cherokee Drive say it's become a lifestyle, that's hard to live.

"Pretty devastating, we lost our house, boat, dock, pretty much everything,” Flood victim David Foster said. "We never thought the flood would come this far."

The Black River had a record crest at 22.65 feet last Tuesday, hitting the Georgetown area hard. It went down to 13 feet yesterday but crept back up a little, this Tuesday. The good news, it’s expect it to fall, from here, just very slowly.

While this community knows it will take a long time to get back to normal, they don't understand why they're not getting more help.

"We need lots of stuff, we need FEMA trailers, we need places for people to live,” Neighbor Kelly Fuller said. “We just need our lives to get back to normal somehow, we need more help down here to get back to normal."

This community is trying to rise above the devastation, with the help of each other. One neighbor gave Foster an RV to live in, with his family.

'We've got good neighbors, they've done a lot,” Foster said.

The biggest issue with giving and getting help, is getting in and out of the neighborhood.

"We couldn't really get any help down here, well because, nobody could get to us very easily,” Fuller said. "We don't know how long this is gonna be like this."

She’s hoping some aid, relief, or care, could come their way from the county or the government, since they are struggling to get through it.

Some homeowners, including Foster, said they don’t have flood insurance, they just didn't expect this type of flood, so they're just hoping FEMA will help them rebuild.

"There's a lot of people stuck in this situation it's not just us and we try to be grateful for you know what we have it's just really hard to watch your neighbors suffer like they have,” Fuller said.

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