Local HS senior starts cupcake business

Fairycakes: Thomasena Thomas

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - 17-year-old Thomasena Tomas baked WMBF a box of snickers, red velvet, double chocolate and cookies in cream cupcakes.
Each morsel was decadent, made by scratch with love from the South Florence High School senior who already knows what her career has in store.

"Fairycakes is a company I created when I was 14-years-old and they are the best cupcakes ever," she said. "They are all made from scratch, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, and every cupcakes is specially made so they are all gourmet.

For Thomas, the idea to start a business was easy. It started by licking the baking bowl at home when her mother would bake for her as a child. And her parents own several businesses in town so she took her love for the art along with some culinary arts classes at the career center and now every Friday, she delivers cupcakes to teachers, staff and students.

"I do $2.00 a cupcake at events and for teachers its $1.50 so they get a price cut then for students its a $1.00 at school.

Because Fairycakes is so successful, Thomasena has decided to stay local and attend Francis Marion University studying business while keeping her 
eyes on the prize.

"By doing that then I can take business classes and study abroad in France to learn more about Parisian style baking and hopefully by the
age of 21, I can own my own bakery.

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