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Socastee neighborhood residents say they feel "forgotten" in flood waters

Socastee, SC -

While much of the flood water in Horry County is well on its way to drying up, some are still having to wade through thigh-deep water to get to and from their homes.

Several of the residents living along Rosewood Drive in Socastee say they feel forgotten in their communities, not getting the help they say they need.

"It was Saturday when it started coming down hard and then it didn't take long for it to come up from the waterway," Wanda McArn said.
Waders and boats have become the new normal for many people living in homes in that area.
"We get up in the morning, we paddle out to take the dogs to the bathroom. Then we paddle back, and do it three or four times a day," Terri Pace said.
People who live along Rosewood Drive say they're frustrated.
"We see so much assistance in the lower counties," Chris Pace said. "Yes, they have more problems, but it's like this little pocket in Horry County...we feel forgotten."
All these residents can really do is wait until these waters recede before they can fully assess the damage.
"We have our moments of anger, sadness," Terri Pace said. "We just try to make the best of it. That's all we can do."
It could be several more days before the water is completely gone.
"This is not even the beginning of the disaster," Chris Pace said. "This is the cause but the effect is yet to come. The water needs to recede for us to see what's damaged."
Many residents say they specifically want to see more help with transportation in and out of the area.

County officials say they have set up a 24-hour police checkpoint on Rosewood Drive, that's been there since October 7th, ready to help residents with any specific needs they may have.

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