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North Myrtle Beach community, flooded with questions about storm water

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NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Neighborhoods are trying to come back to life, now that the storm is behind us. Homeowners are not just trying to rehab where they live, but take care of issues which may have brought on more flood waters, like the drainage on local roads.

One condo recently flooded is Joseph Lategano’s, on Possum Trot Road, flooded so badly, it has to be gutted. He is one of several people in the complex, which are dealing with these issues.

Recently, the neighbors chipped in $3600 dollars for the city to pipe an open storm water ditch to their location, to help avoid issues like this.

“However when they finished the job, they configured it to where we’ve got all the water down and we became a holding pen,” Lategano said.

Since the flooding is the worst Lategano said he’s ever seen in 23 years, him and his neighbors are trying to find the root of the issue, which they believe lies between the North Myrtle Beach Recreation Center and the condo complex. Because they're on the bottom of the hill, Lategano said, all the water floods towards their homes.

“If we get a severe rain again and it happens you saw the inside of my house, and everybody here is in the same boat, it will happen again,” he said.

“Everything flows into our association, and of course, regular rain, not a problem, get a torrential rain like we had, we have major issues,” neighbor Mike Sanatore said.

City spokesperson Pat Dowling said  Their area ultimately drains into two large storm water retention ponds that are part of the Hillside Drive drainage basin. The basin extends from Highway 17 down into the ocean.

Dowling said, the retention ponds were very close to full with the amount of rain that hit North Myrtle Beach last week.

“Even though rain has now stopped falling, all storm water systems are still busy draining that initial 21.9 inches, plus the 2-plus that fell Saturday, and the ground throughout the city (and most parts of SC) is still saturated. It, too, is seeking to drain somewhere. It will take time for all of these things to reach their "normal" status,” Dowling said in an email.

After speaking with WMBF News, Dowling sent a public works crew out to Possum Trot Road to assess the location, and they did not find any blockages.

“It is hard to tell what the drainage mechanics are in that area without seeing it perform (or not) during a rain event,” Dowling said. “It is now on our list of areas to return to during a rain event.

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