Flood damage results in hundreds of calls for restoration companies

Flood damage results in hundreds of calls for restoration companies

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The rain may be gone but there is no calm after the storm, the problems for many homeowners are still lingering.

Many neighbors who live in condos on Possum Trot Road, had flood waters enter their home, leaving behind major damage.

"All my neighbors, they all had that helplessness feeling, you can't do anything until it stops until the rain and the water stops," Joseph Lategano said.

Many neighbors, having to call in extra help.

"It's very crazy, we have places that have been sitting a while, and mold's starting to grow," Andrew West with Servpro said. "That's our main concern is to get the wet out, put chemicals on that to stop the mold from growing, and get everything flood cut basically two or four foot."

While these men are hard at work, new challenges await homeowners.

"I have one bedroom that is just full of things from upstairs, it's almost from the floor to the ceiling," flood victim Yvonne Kaldahl said.

While neighbors are clenching on to the day they can go back to normal, they're counting their blessings.

"There are other people who have much more problems than I have and i'll keep them in my prayers," Lategano said.

Flood impact keeping restoration companies busy

Representatives with three major restoration companies, A&I, Full Steam Ahead and Servpro, said they've been taking hundreds of calls since the storm hit, some, bringing in extra manpower, others renting extra equipment, all to make sure area homes are taken care of.

The Servpro General Manager Don Shupe said the bulk of their calls started in North Myrtle, then came from Georgetown and are growing now in Conway.

He said this is the worst damage the company's seen, since Hurricane Floyd; in fact, the need is so high, the Servpro corporate storm team is in town to help tackle more ground.

A number one tip, get to it sooner than later. Servpro crews are handling a lot of mold issues, cutting dry wall and lifting carpets. They said the longer you wait, the more mold will grow, which can become a health issue.

Even if you prefer you handle the issues on your own Shupe still recommends you reach out for help.

"I think the key is you just need to rely on the knowledge of folks such as our company has down here, and if you're going to do it yourself that's fine," Shupe said, "A lot of people don't have flood insurance, and we get it but we're more than happy to have a conversation and go, look here's the best practices, that we do so here's what we're gonna suggest that you do."

One major tip from local police is to be sure you are hiring legitimate company like servpro. Always ask to see credentials, especially if someone comes to your door.

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