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Humane Society rescues dogs to free up space for flood intakes

(Source: AP Images) (Source: AP Images)

GEORGETOWN, SC (WMBF) - Stray dogs are filling animal shelters across South Carolina after water filled homes and neighborhoods.

According to the Georgetown County Facebook page, you should call (843) 545-3319 if you believe one of the missing pets in the slideshow belongs to you or to report a lost animal. Many of the cats pictured on their page have been surrendered. If you are interested in adopting, please call (843) 545-3319. More pictures of rescued animals can be found on their Facebook page.

Click the link to view the slideshow of rescued pets:

"Since I've been with Saint Frances, I can't think of a particular natural disaster of this magnitude and proportion," said Brad Floyd, a volunteer at Saint Frances Animal Center.

Many of the displaced dogs have ended up in shelters like Saint Frances Animal Center in Georgetown. Floyd said 20 dogs came in on Friday alone.

The Humane Society's Animal Rescue Team stopped at the center Monday to rescue 35 dogs, which got the center back to its pre-flooding population.

"By taking some of the animals that were already up for adoption, we're making room for animals that have been displaced by the floods so they have a place to go," said Kim Kelly, South Carolina state director for the Humane Society of the United States.

The dogs were loaded up into a special van that has 40 cages inside of it. They were then driven to Greenville County Animal Care early this afternoon.

The dogs will be distributed to Humane Society placement partners across the East Coast where they can then be adopted.

"These are animals that have been here some up to two years, so they're going to have a new opportunity for a home in a new place," Kelly said.

The Humane Society Animal Rescue Team has been doing the same process for shelters around South Carolina. Kelly said they've taken 170 animals out of the state in the past week.

Animal intake continues to stay high for Saint Frances. The shelter took in four dogs from Andrews just within the short time the Humane Society was there Monday.

"This is really kind of a monumental event as the governor has alluded to several times and it takes a monumental effort from all folks involved," Floyd said.

Floyd said the shelter is always in need of the following donations:

For our doggie Saints:
Kuranda beds
Hot Dogs
KONGS Toys (all sizes)
Nylabones and other tough chew toys
Harnesses for all sizes
Collars for all sizes (Martingale preferred)
Leashes for all sizes
Slip leads
Crates (wire and plastic)
Kennels and houses
Water dishes (hook to crates)

For our kitty Saints:
Food (wet and dry)
Litter boxes
Scoopable litter
Cat traps (for our TNR program-available at Tractor Supply)
Kitty city furniture

To keep the Saints healthy:
Hand sanitizer (pump style)
Disposable latex exam gloves
4”x4” gauze squares
Wood tongue depressers

To keep the Saints clean:
40 gallon commercial washer and 27 inch commercial dryer
Dish soap
Laundry detergent
Laundry bleach
Baggies: sandwich and gallon size
Garbage bags (13 and 30 gal)
50-gal heavy duty can liners
Paper Towels
Disposable vinyl gloves (no latex)
Spray cleaner (pet safe)
Mop heads
Trigger spray bottles

To Keep the Saints’ office running:
Copy and fax paper
50 ft. Garden hoses (resistant to chemicals)
Garden hose sprayer heads
3 x 4-ft. rubber backed mats, indoors and outdoors
Pens (Ballpoint or Permanent Marker)
Batteries (AAA, C, D and 9 Volt)

For our Saints’ off-site events:
Animal Transport Van (Ram Promaster)
Pop-up Ez-Go Tents (Blue Top)
Wireless tablets
Rubbermaid storage containers
Crate mats (Midwest Quiet Time Deluxe Pet Mat)
Harnesses for all sizes
Collars for all sizes (Martingale preferred)
Leashes for all sizes

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