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Damage left behind from Lynches River flooding

Families return home after evacuating near Lynches River

Home near Lynches River Home near Lynches River

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Families in south Florence County that live right off Lynches River had no choice but to evacuate from their homes this past week. Now, they are settling back home and waiting for damage assessments.

Most that are still covered in water back up to Lynches River. The water swept across the roads, and into the homes that are barely starting to look how they used to. Now, residents are just waiting for their land to dry, and gather belongings the water took up.

Larry Filyaw, who has lived near Lynches River for all his life says, “That’s what we need help with to buy more food and more clothes that it ruined… and that other stuff that it ruined like the children’s toys, we’d like to replace some of them.”

He tells me his family was out of their home for five days because the water hand’t receded. The stretch of Old Georgetown and Jeffords road just opened back up for residents yesterday.

Folks just have to wait now until their land dries up. Residents tell me the walls, insulation, and soaked up floors are what they have to replace first. Then, they’ll have to sort through belongings the water ruined.

“I’ve been here all my life what you see here, and I’ve never seen water this high come through here,” said Filyaw.

Dennis Kirby, one resident whose home backs up to Lynches River prepared for the water as best as he could before evacuating, but the flood took eleven rare breed chickens he raises at home.

“When we had to leave I was real uneasy about leaving my animals behind even though I had prepped for them I did’t know how much the water was going to rise and how many animals I would have left, and I think a lot of my animals, said Kirby.

He continues saying, “It ruined our unit, and messed up the insulation under the house, messed up the lawnmower and some other stuff, our car won’t crank, you know we got a good bit of stuff we have to straighten out yet, but at least we made it.”

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