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Waccamaw River lingers in major flood stage, with more rain on the way

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) -  Conway is one community still dealing with very high waters, and the possibility of more rain is concerning for some neighbors.

Rain or shine won’t change the fact that the Waccamaw River is lingering in major flood stage and it's only expected to drop one foot in the next five days.

Although we have a long way to go before Conway is flood free, that's not keeping the community from pushing through it together.

Lees Landing neighbors are helping each other on and off boats, as their only way to check on their homes.

Whether houses were lifted or not, one way or another, there was some sort of damage.

Gates and mailboxes were under water, cars submerged, even some garages mostly taken by water.

Josh Porter lives at Lees Landing and said this flood was worse than the last one, but instead of dwelling, the community is keeping spirits up as they watch the water go down.

"It seems like it did stop,” Porter said. “We're kind of keeping markers on trees and everything, to see where it's gonna peak and when it starts going down. It will start going down hopefully.”

Despite having been through a flood before, it’s hard to prepare for what's to come.

"It wasn't even in my garage like that two years ago,” Porter said. “For some other people it was worse off but two years ago, nowhere close."

The possibility of more water and rain, isn't stopping the city anymore from business as usual.

"We're just taking it as we can, playing the hand that's got dealt to us,” Owner of Riverside Restaurant Bobby Edwards said.

Despite being surrounded by water, Riverside Restaurant is still open for business.

"We couldn't get them in the front so now we have them coming through the back,” said Edwards.

Even Conway City Council members have stopped in the restaurant to show their support. In fact, Tom Anderson, shared plans moving forward.

"We spoke with the DOT about improving some bridges, we as a council, I believe everybody is on board to redo some roads,” Anderson said.

Right now, the city is waiting for water to go down so they can take it step-by-step from there. The city will work do what it did after Floyd, improve conditions so we're prepared for the next storm.

According to the first alert weather team,  it may take weeks for the Waccamaw river to fall below flood stage.

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