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Local, state and federal leaders address flood concerns and plans moving forward

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Nine days have passed since Governor Nikki Haley declared a State of Emergency for South Carolina, but still many homes, businesses and communities remain almost under water.

Federal, state and local leaders, Friday, each addressed the impact of the flood in press conferences, from the rivers to the roads to recovery, but with 19 storm related deaths, the number one topic still remains your safety.

"If they come to your door, it is time for you to leave,” Gov. Haley said. “We don't need you to think about it we need you to be prepared we need you to go and we don't have to come back and check on you, after that."

Governor Haley listed four counties of concern, Charleston, Dorchester, Williamsburg and Georgetown, as officials continue to monitor rising water levels, through the weekend.

While the threat remains, Georgetown County Leaders explained why Haley’s assessment on Thursday was more drastic than conditions on Friday.

"They're preparing for worst case scenarios, they're putting in contingency plans, that if the worst were to happen, what would they do and how would they do it,” Georgetown County Administrator Sel Hemingway Said. “Right now, we don't see, that worst-case scenario."

Authorities are also concerned about curious boaters on the water. Being the state is still in rescue mode, Gov. Haley said, if DNR representatives see you on your boat “sightseeing,” they will ask you to leave.

DNR has already done 810 water rescues statewide and thousands of National Guard Members are watching for looters and helping in recovery efforts.

"If you're still in those flood prone areas, and you don't feel safe, our you're having issues out there, you need to evacuate, please call to evacuate to our shelters,” Georgetown Emergency Manager Sam Hodge said.

Georgetown County still has three shelters open.

The Horry County shelters were open beginning Sunday at the height of the storm. The most they had at any one time was 11 people, according to Emergency Management.

The Red Cross had a total of 40 people at the shelters but nobody on Friday, so the shelters in Horry County are closed.

There is a shelter on standby for Conway and Myrtle Beach, because our rivers will continue to linger for days, even possibly weeks in major flood stage.

"Your Federal Government is here for you,” Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said. “We have been here, we will be here until we're doing all we can to help you."

Leaders urge homeowners and small businesses to apply for FEMA. The agency has already inspected more than 2,000 homes damaged by the historic flood.

Governor Haley said at this point, the best donation you can give, is your time to help neighboring communities.

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